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Journal Publications

Bladt, D., van Capelleveen, G., & Yazan, D. M. (2023). The influence of greenwashing practices on brand attitude: A multidimensional consumer analysis in Germany. Business Strategy and the Environment, 1–29.

Hoheisel, R., Van Capelleveen, G., Sarmah, D., & Junger, M. (2023). The development of phishing during the COVID-19 pandemic: An analysis of over 1100 targeted domains. Computers & Security, 103158.

van Capelleveen, G., Vegter, D., Olthaar, M., & van Hillegersberg, J. (2023). The anatomy of a passport for the circular economy: a conceptual definition, vision and structured literature review. Resources, Conservation & Recycling Advances, 200131.

van Capelleveen, G., van Wieren, J., Amrit, C., Yazan, D.M., Zijm, H. (2020) Exploring recommendations for circular supply chain management through interactive visualisation, Decision Support Systems, 113431,

van Capelleveen, G., Amrit, C., Zijm, H., Yazan, D.M., Abdi, A. (2020) Toward building recommender systems for the circular economy: Exploring the perils of the European Waste Catalogue, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 277,

Fraccascia, L., Yazdanpanah, V., van Capelleveen, G. et al. (2020) Energy-based industrial symbiosis: a literature review for circular energy transition. Environment, Development, and Sustainability.

Genc, O., van Capelleveen, G., Erdis, E., Yildiz, O., & Yazan, D. M. (2019). A socio-ecological approach to improve industrial zones towards eco-industrial parks. Journal of environmental management, 250, [109507].

van Capelleveen, G. C., Amrit, C. A., Yazan, D. M., & Zijm, W. H. M. (2019). The recommender canvas: A model for developing and documenting recommender system design. Expert systems with applications, 129, 97-117.

van Capelleveen, G., Amrit, C., Yazan, D. M., & Zijm, H. (2018). The influence of knowledge in the design of a recommender system to facilitate industrial symbiosis markets. Environmental modelling & software, 110, 139-152.

van Capelleveen, G. C., Poel, M., Mueller, R., Thornton, D., & van Hillegersberg, J. (2016). Outlier detection in healthcare fraud: A case study in the Medicaid dental domain. International journal of accounting information systems, 21, 18-31. (pdf)

Conference Proceedings

Massey, T., Amrit, C., & van Capelleveen, G. C. (2020). Analysing the trend of Islamophobia in Blog Communities using Machine Learning and Trend Analysis. In Twenty-Eight European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS2020), Marrakesh, Morocoo.

Fraccascia, L., Yazdanpanah, V., van Capelleveen, G. C., & Yazan, D. M. (2019). A Framework for Industrial Symbiosis Systems for Agent-Based Simulation. In D. Novikov, & J. Becker (Eds.), Proceedings – 21st IEEE Conference on Business Informatics, CBI 2019 (pp. 419-428).

van Capelleveen, G. C., Pohl, J., Fritsch, A., & Schien, D. (2018). The Footprint of Things: A hybrid approach towards the collection, storage and distribution of life cycle inventory data. In ICT4S2018. 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Sustainability (pp. 350-364).

van Capelleveen, G. C., Amrit, C. A., & Yazan, D. M. (2017). A Literature Survey of Information Systems Facilitating the Identification of Industrial Symbiosis. In B. Otjacques, P. Hitzelberger, S. Naumann, & V. Wohlgemuth (Eds.), From Science to Society: New Trends in Environmental Informatics (pp. 155-169). (Progress in IS). Springer.

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Thornton, D., Poel, M., van Hillegersberg, J., Mueller, R., & van Capelleveen, G. C. (2014). Outlier-based Health Insurance Fraud Detection for U.S. Medicaid Data. In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2014) (pp. 684-694). SCITEPRESS.

Books & Chapters

Yazan, D. M., van Capelleveen, G., & Fraccascia, L. (2022). Decision-Support Tools for Smart Transition to Circular Economy. In Smart Industry–Better Management (Vol. 28, pp. 151-169). Emerald Publishing Limited.

van Capelleveen, G. C. (2020). Industrial Symbiosis Recommender Systems. Enschede: University of Twente. ISBN: 978-90-365-5007-9.

Jansen, S, van Capelleveen, G. (2013). Quality review and approval methods for extensions in software ecosystems. In S. Jansen, S. Brinkkemper, & M. Cusumano (Eds.), Software Ecosystems: Analyzing and Managing Business Networks in the Software Industry (pp. 187-217). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..